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Plastic thermoforming is the process of converting a flat plastic sheet into a molded part. Thermoformers generally fall into two basic categories; thin gage and thick gage. Reliable Formed Plastics LLC is a thick gage thermoforming company. Thick gage or heavy, also referred to as sheet forming, is usually used for larger parts where a thicker material is required. It is the process used for smaller production runs or for prototyping parts. Most products can be formed using different processes. A brief conversation with our customer service department can help determine the best method for your application.

The thermoforming process is a fairly simple sounding process which takes years of experience to master. There are a multitude of different types of plastic and often various blends of these types. Each type has its own distinct molding characteristics and each of these varying with thickness, size and depth of the part being formed. While all follow the basic rules of forming, each product and every material is usually processed differently. Dealing with all the variations becomes more of an art than an exact science.

Simply stated, if it can be formed out of a sheet of plastic, we can do it. We can take a project from a drawing on a napkin to a finished product in a matter of days!

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