Custom Fabrication of ABS Cone for POP Industry

Silver Cone - Interior
Silver Cone - Interior

With our specialty in thick gage thermoforming, Reliable Formed Plastics produces many interesting products for the food and beverage industry. We manufactured the silver ABS cone highlighted here for use in an interactive point-of-purchase candy dispenser.

Our industrial design expertise combined with powerful SolidWorks® CAD software allowed us to create 3D drawings to ensure we delivered a sturdy, functional product. Thermoforming was the best choice for creating 100 of these large, 24.75" in length x 24.75" in width x 12.625" in height workpieces, although the dimension of the depth did offer a bit of a challenge. MasterCAM machining software allowed us to import the drawing and program our CNC milling equipment to produce a solid model shape, which we then used to create the custom vacuum forming mold.

Material of construction was 0.187" thick ABS with an opaque silver acrylic coating. Precise control over material temperature and formability allowed us to accurately reproduce the geometry of this deep drawn part. After a close visual inspection we mounted the workpiece on a custom trim fixture and used our 5-axis CNC router, equipped with a dual spindle head, to perform the detailed trimming and cutting of the formed plastic parts. In-process dimensional verification during the CNC routing process ensured that we upheld ±0.05 tolerances.

By paying attention to every detail, we were able to satisfy the requirements of the customer specification and deliver a high-quality product within the agreed upon timeline and at a very reasonable cost. For more information about this project, see the table below. Contact us at any time to learn more about our expert thermoforming capabilities.

Silver Cone - Mold
Silver Cone - Mold
Silver Cone - Thermoformed
Silver Cone - Thermoformed
Silver Cone - Trimmed Fixture
Silver Cone - Trimmed Fixture


ABS Cone Specifications

Product Description
Silver ABS Cone for POP Candy Dispenser
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Custom Mold Fabrication
Thermoforming & CNC Routing / Trimming
  • Vacuum Forming
  • 5-Axis CNC Routing
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
SolidWorks: CAD Design Software
Mastercam: CAM Software
CNC Milling Machine
Thermwood 5-Axis CNC Router
Custom Designed Vacuum Thermoforming Mold
Custom Trim Fixture
Overall Part Dimensions
Length: 24.75"
Width: 24.75"
Height: 12.625"
Weight: 3.83 lbs.
Tightest Tolerances
Material Used
Acrylic Cap Coated ABS (Silver)
Thickness: .187"
Material Finish
Smooth Acrylic Cap
Opaque Material
In process testing/inspection performed
Dimensional verification during CNC Process
Visual Q.C. during Forming
Industry for Use
Food and Beverage
Est. 100
Delivery Location
Product Name
Silver Cone (Full Round)
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